USDA, Colorado introduce conservation program to address drought concerns

NAFB News Service

The United States Department of Agriculture and Colorado are continuing and strengthening their Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program partnership.

Announced this week, the effort supports farmers in Colorado in reducing water use and protecting water quality. Specifically, the newly revised Colorado Republican River project will offer producers a dryland crop production practice on eligible cropland.

This option will give producers meaningful tools to continue farming as they work toward permanently retiring water rights and conserving the Ogallala Aquifer for future generations.

Through the revised Colorado Republican River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program partnership, USDA and the State of Colorado will make resources available to program participants who voluntarily enroll in CRP for 14-year to 15-year contracts.

The program provides participants with two ways to enroll eligible land. Producers can enroll eligible land in “CP100, Annual Crop Production, Non-Irrigated.”

Additionally, participants within the Republican River CREP project area may enroll eligible land in “CP2, Permanent Native Grasses,” “CP4D, Permanent Wildlife Habitat,” and “CP23 or CP23A, Wetland Restoration.” 

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