Top 10 Dump Trailers for Farmers in 2022

Dump trailers are constructed with the versatility to haul anything including crops, sand, animals, building scraps, and other materials that might be around the farm. They are commonly used in the industries such as transportation, construction, and farming. Nowadays, customizing a dump trailer to match demands has never been easier, with a variety of lengths, capacities, axles, hydraulic modifications, and other choices to pick from.

Dump trailers usually use hydraulics to lift the trailer bed from its frame or casting, making unloading heavy substantial hauls safe, easy, and efficient. Because farmers need dump trailers to easily transport any and all objects, they now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Different Types of Dump Trailers

Dump trailers come in different lengths, sizes, and specs. There are typically 3 main types to choose from. These include:

  1. End Dump Trailers: Unloads by lifting its dump box into the air and dumping from the rear. It can handle difficult materials such as large demolition debris to concrete and can rapidly unload even in confined spaces. Best for: Aggregate stockpiling, agricultural landscape, and construction.
  2. Bottom Dump Trailers: Also known as belly dump trailers, has a clamshell dump gate on the trailer that allows materials to be dumped straight from the bottom of the dump box. It is highly efficient and versatile and is designed to minimize weight and maximize payload, making it highly stable because it won’t roll even when dumping. Best for: Material transport, asphalt paving, and stockpile.
  3. Side Dump Trailers: Uses hydraulic rams to unload its cargo by tilting to the right or left side of the trailer. It can be easily used on soft or uneven grounds because it does not need to back up for unloading. Best for: Excavation, stockpile dumps, semi-liquids, fine materials, and building roads.

Why is a Dump Trailer better than a Dump Truck?

A dump trailer is a very strong tool that is far less expensive than a dump truck, which may cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 when brand new.

Dump trailers typically range in length from 8 to 30ft feet. When buying a dump trailer, be sure to look at the towing capacity and load capacity. Decide the kind of work you plan on doing, so you can choose the right dump trailer size. The most popular dump trailer size is around 14 feet because it is considered the best size for transporting and maneuvering.

If you’re in the market for a new dump trailer, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get the most out of it. When it comes to the lift mechanism, there is a lot of debate over whether to get a telescopic, scissor, or dual cylinder system, but it’s less about which type you get and more about how the system is designed and installed. Make sure that the lift is suitably reinforced and constructed to withstand or disperse the weight.

There are many different types of dump trailers that are now available, so we compiled a list of the top 10 dump trailers for farmers. This list will help you choose the best dump trailer! 

1. Big Tex Trailers 70SR-10-5W

Big Tex Trailers 70SR-10-5W

Price: around $7,799.00

Size: 60”x10’

GVWR: 3,500 lbs.

Frame: 5” Channel

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Pump – Power Up/Down

Full product details:

2. Griffin Trailers GT608

Griffin Trailers GT608

Price: around $8,000

Size: 60”x10’

Capacity: 3000

GVWR: 5200 lbs


Hydraulics: 12V DC Hydraulic Pump – Power Up/Down)

Full product details:

3. MAXX-D D6X-7K 60″ Scissor Lift Dump Trailer


Price: around $8,000

Size: 10’x60” 

GVWR: 7,000- 9,990 lbs.

Frame: 5×2” 11 Gauge Tube Frame

Hydraulics: 10K Hydraulic Scissor Hoist

Full product details:

4. PJ Trailers – 60’ Utility Dump(D5)

PJ Trailers – 60’ Utility Dump(D5)

Price: around $9,399.00

Size: 8’x10” 

GVWR: 5,200- 9,990 lbs.

Frame: 5×2” 11 Gauge Tube Frame

Hydraulics: 12V Hydraulic Pump – Power Up/Down System

Full product details:

5. LAMAR Medium Dump Trailer

LAMAR Medium Dump Trailer

Price: around $9, 640

Size: 77”x10

GVWR: 7, 520 lbs.

Frame: 5” Channel Frame

Hydraulics: 5”x16” Scissor LIft

Full product details:

6. Diamond C Trailers GST

Diamond C Trailers GST

Price: around $9,899.00

Size: 8’x60” 

GVWR: 6,000 lbs.

Frame: 6” I-Beam 

Hydraulics: 3 Stage Telescopic Cylinder 

Full product details:

7. Gatormade 7×12′ 12k Bumper Pull Dump Trailer

Gatormade 7×12′ 12k Bumper Pull Dump Trailer 

Price: around $10,000

Size: 7×12’

GVWR:12,000 lbs.

Frame:5” Tube frame

Hydraulics: Set of heavy duty equipment loading ramps dual hydraulic cylinders

Full product details:×14-ft-14k-gvw/

8. Hull Porter Trailers Dump Boxes

HP Trailers Dump Boxes

Price: $10, 125

Size: 12’x84”

GVWR: 14,000 lbs

Frame: Full 6” channel steel frame

Hydraulics: Power up and power down hydraulic system with 15’ long cord

Full product details:

9. EBY CB14K 14K Dump Trailer

EBY CB14K 14K Dump Trailer

Price: around $19, 074.00

Size: 14’x82’

GVWR: 14,000 lbs.

Frame: 103/8″ Tall extruded aluminum channel

Hydraulics: Hydraulic Pump –  Power Up/Down

Full product details:

10. BWise DU15-15K Ultimate Dump Trailer

BWise DU15-15K Ultimate Dump Trailer

Price: around $19,995.00

Size: 12’x82”

GVWR: 15,400 lbs.

Frame: 8″ Tube Frame

Hydraulics: Double Acting Hydraulic Pump

Full product details:

GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 

GVWR is a term used to represent the maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can handle safely which includes your payload capacity. 

Disclaimer regarding pricing and details: All prices above can be subject to taxes, dealer, and delivery fees. Check out the official website to see available discounts, promotions, and sales offered. 

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