RFA calls on Biden administration to allow E15 this summer

NAFB News Service

The Renewable Fuels Association kicked off an advertising campaign this week urging for quick action by the White House to allow summer availability of E15.

The campaign comes as the summer driving season is less than two months away, and fuel prices are again rising.

The campaign targets ethanol supporters across the Midwest, as well as policymakers and insiders in Washington, D.C.

“Our message to the Biden administration is simple: Unless the White House acts quickly, American drivers will lose access to the lowest-cost, lowest-carbon fuel at the pump on June 1,” RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper said.

He pointed out that a Morning Consult poll conducted late last month found strong voter support for year-round E15 sales. Seventy percent of poll respondents support increasing the availability of E15 to help lower fuel prices and support energy independence, while 62 percent support recently introduced bipartisan legislation allowing the lower-carbon E15 blend to be sold year-round nationwide.

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