Pork task force lowers checkoff fee

Photo courtesy of Evanto Elements

From staff reports

Delegates from the National Pork Board and the National Park Producers Council voted to decrease the current pork referendum by 12.5% on Jan. 1, 2023. The current $0.40 per $100 per live animal will be $0.35. The vote was based on a recommendation from a recommendation of the Pork Industry Task Force. This group represents industry leaders from both groups mentioned and other state representatives. The proposed change was first brought to the task force by Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio state pork councils, but then was joined by councils from Iowas, Nebraska, Illinois, Montana and South Dakota. Ninety-four percent of the delegates voted in favor of the referendum reduction. 

Other recommendations included creating a producer working group for industry planning and creating action plans. Developing more communication tools for the industry, creating a task force to ensure opportunities for pork producers are not lost and making sure that funding is used efficiently and effectively.

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