Optimism despite headwinds in the ag equipment market

NAFB News Service

Equipment manufacturers are still recovering from pressures brought on by COVID-19, but they’re working toward a state of normalcy despite trials and tribulations. 

Kip Eideberg, the Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, said supply chain pressures and a lack of workforce retention have been ongoing struggles for the industry, and individual sectors are facing their own problems as well.

A recent AEM survey of its members detailed the strains and pressures that have built up in the global ag sector during the last few years.

“Overall, far too many equipment manufacturers still feel the impact of COVID and supply chain disruptions in operations, lead times on components, labor force participation, and financial performance,” Eideberg said. 

In tracking sales and global data, the ag equipment market is in a good position right now, and there’s more optimism moving forward despite economic headwinds.

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