Next Generation Fuels Act reintroduced in the Senate

NAFB News Service

The Next Generation Fuels Act was reintroduced in the Senate, a move that drew praise from the National Corn Growers Association.

The legislation, one of NCGA’s top agricultural advocacy priorities, would lower fuel prices, reduce carbon emissions, and help keep America’s energy secure.

The Act would clean up the nation’s fuel supply and transition new vehicles to use cleaner, more efficient fuels that also lower costs for drivers. It would establish a clean, high-octane standard for fuel and require that sources of additional octane result in at least 40 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. That would allow automakers to significantly improve vehicle fuel efficiency through advanced engines.

The legislation builds on the nation’s clean energy progress by advancing higher ethanol blends and new vehicles that work together to deliver greater emissions reductions, cost savings, and consumer choice.

The Act would also permanently remove barriers that prohibit access to year-round ethanol.

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