Newly Launched 2022 LaserWeeder Implement by Carbon Robotics Already Sold Out

Carbon Robotics, a Seattle-based agricultural robotics company, is pioneering the next revolution in agriculture by solving one of farming’s biggest problems: Weed Control.

The 2022 LaserWeeder implement is an autonomous, laser-weeding pull-behind robot that is a precise, organic, and cost-effective weed control solution for large-scale specialty row crops.

Unlike other weeding technologies, LaserWeeder robots utilize high power lasers that can eradicate weeds through thermal energy, without disturbing the soil. It allows farmers to use herbicides and reduces labor to remove unwanted plants while at the same time improves the reliability and predictability of costs, crop yield and more.

“We’ve proven the effectiveness of our laser-weeding technology and the immense benefits it offers farmers, including healthier crops and soil, decreased herbicide use, and reduced chemical and labor costs,” said Carbon Robotics CEO and Founder, Paul Mikesell.  

As a liftable agricultural implement, the 2022 LaserWeeder offers farmers unique benefits:

  1. Increased Crop Yield and Quality
  2. Overall Cost Reduction
  3. Regenerative Farming Practices
  4. Economical Path to Organic Farming

Learn more about the benefits here:

The LaserWeeding implement has the following features:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Powered by Nvidia GPUs
  • High-resolution cameras targeting weeds
  • Deep-learning-based computer vision models

Weeding Modules

  • Independent weeding modules
  • 150W CO2 lasers with millimeter accuracy
  • Ready to fire every 50 milliseconds
  • Bedtop lighting effective in all conditions

Although it was just launched on February 7, 2002 it’s already sold out with orders from Amigo Farms, Braga Ranch, Bowles Farming Co, Carzalia Valley Produce, Duncan Family Farms, Grimmway Farms, Mercer Ranches, Taylor Farms, Terranova Ranch, and Triangle Farms.

Carbon Robotics is now accepting pre-orders for 2023.

You can preorder the LaserWeeder here:

Check out the full details about the LaserWeeder here:


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