Michigan reps jump into AM radio discussion

NAFB News Service

Eight Michigan representatives entered into a campaign to reverse Ford’s decision to remove AM radio from most new models in 2024.

The eight reps sent a letter to Ford’s board of directors making a case to keep the legacy band in cars.

“Not only is AM still widely listened to for entertainment purposes, especially in rural areas, but it is vitally important for emergency services in times of trouble or natural disaster,” the letter says.

“Removing AM capability from future vehicles could jeopardize the safety and livelihood of millions of your customers.”

Michigan Rep. David Prestin said that Ford’s decision represents “a lack of vision or thought towards national security, our ability to communicate on the most basic level in the future for the unknown things we may have to face. I just find it reckless.”

He also pointed out that AM radio is the backbone of the Emergency Alert System.

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