Ford keeping AM radios in commercial vehicles

NAFB News Service

A new report says Ford will keep AM radios in certain vehicles. The company plans to exclude AM radio from “most new and updated vehicles we bring to market” but also says commercial vehicles will continue to have AM radios.

A Ford Authority report said, “This group of vehicles will likely consist of vehicles that count toward Ford Pro sales – the automaker’s commercial-focused division.”

The report also said it’s not, by any means, a given because Ford could ditch the feature in some or all of those vehicles as well.

So far, a total of eight automakers say they will remove AM radio from the dashboards of some of their models, mostly in the fast-growing electric vehicle segment.

In a series of letters, none of the eight are signaling any second thoughts despite the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s push about the critical role AM plays in delivering public safety information.

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