Farmers can provide pesticide label input

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From staff reports

Farmers will have the opportunity to provide input on the Environmental Protection Agency pesticide labels that must fully comply with the Endangered Species Act. The EPA is looking for input prior to coming out with new labels to cut down on federal court filings against them. Agriculture stakeholders were surprised with EPA issued Enlist labels in Jan. that banned several counties from being able to use the product. After receiving new information and data, EPA put many of those banned countries back onto the label, which allows producers in those counties to use Enlist herbicide. To avoid that type of scenario again, EPA is engaging with farmers to come up with ways to mitigate endangered species while still being able to use the products. 

As EPA cycles every pesticide through its routine, 15-year registration review, it will begin the task of evaluating each one for effects on endangered species. EPA has been hosting webinars and listening sessions to garner feedback as well. Atrazine, glyphosate, and neonicotinoid will be first to get ESA requirement labeling. 

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