Farm Bureau survey shows strong public support for farm bill passage

NAFB News Service

Almost three-quarters of Americans say that not reauthorizing the farm bill in 2023 would have a significant impact on the country.

The response comes from a new American Farm Bureau Federation poll that explores the public’s awareness of the farm bill.

The poll, conducted by Morning Consult, showed more than half of respondents said they would be more likely to support their member of Congress if they voted to reauthorize the farm bill.

Nearly 70 percent of respondents also identified two areas of the farm bill as top priorities for government funding: risk management programs that serve as a safety net for farmers and nutrition programs that serve as a safety net for families facing hunger.

A majority of adults agree that nutrition programs, 68 percent, and risk management, 67 percent, should be top priorities for government funding in the farm bill.

Further, the survey found 89 percent of adults trust farmers.

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