2022 National Beef Quality Audit shows efficiency improvements

NAFB News Service

The beef cattle industry is producing a high-quality product that consumers want more efficiently. 

NCBA this week announced the findings as part of the 2022 Beef Checkoff-funded National Beef Quality Audit results. 

Since 1991, the Beef Checkoff-funded National Beef Quality Audit has delivered a set of guideposts and measurements for cattle producers to help determine quality conformance of the U.S. beef supply. 

“The NBQA is an important tool for the industry to identify where improvements are being made and where there are opportunities to capture more value,” NCBA’s Josh White said.

When comparing 2016 and 2022 NBQAs, the largest improvement was overall increased efficiency across the beef supply chain.

Key findings include market segments no longer consider food safety as a purchasing criterion, but as an expectation, and market sectors indicated that their companies strive to increase their sustainability.

The NBQA, conducted approximately every five years, provides an understanding of what quality means to the various industry sectors, and the value of those quality attributes.

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